DoTERRA Wellbeing Box

What is Wellbeing? According to the WHO it is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Stress, IBS, eczema, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue or just not feeling as well as you should be ……

Maybe you are aware that you could improve your health and well-being, but you don’t know where to start?

Toxic load, the right nutrition, exercise and reducing stress are within your control and you can improve your wellbeing by addressing these. It need not be expensive or difficult so let us guide you to a better lifestyle and wellbeing…

We have joined forces with dōTERRA to offer you monthly Wellbeing Boxes delivered directly to your door at less than the wholesale price. We love these products because of their purity, and they are highly concentrated so most products will go 2-3 times further than your standard products.

You obviously want to start out by addressing your main ailments first and to help you get started we offer a free consultation and follow up to choose the products which will be most beneficial for you.

Book a free online/telehealth wellbeing box consultation @ CMC via this link – Click here.

What is in your Wellbeing Box?
You choose the products you want to receive in your Wellbeing Box. Just like any other shopping basket.

They are designed for people who wish to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle avoiding toxins in their household and personal care products, making it affordable with wholesale prices, extra discounts (10-30% back) off the wholesale price and free products and delivery. In contrast, Boots offers 4% back on the retail price.

• You can vary the shipping date and content of each monthly box
• There is no minimum spend
• Your box can be cancelled at anytime
• The postage is refunded in product points
• All products are more than organic, toxin free and most are essential oil based
• Delivered in environmentally packaged box – no plastics except for the containers.
• All products are super concentrated and generally goes 2-3 times further than your average supermarket products
• Excellent customer service
• Ethically sourced with co-impact sourcing supporting the growers and their communities around the world.
• The world’s most tested essential oils – they publish the testing reports for each batch on www.sourcetoyou.com
• All oils are grown indigenously for the best plant chemistry. All products are top quality e.g. their fish oil is microfiltered for plastic.
• The company helps fund hospitals, houses for girls, schools and also operation underground (an organisation that works on stopping sex trafficking) and much more

Choose from:
• Supplements – adults and children’s – bioavailable, organic wholefood based – vegan option
• Probiotics includes prebiotic and children’s probiotic
• Hair shampoo and conditioner
• Baby range (hair/bodywash and diaper cream)
• 100% Natural skincare – 3 ranges
• Natural toothpaste and mouthwash
• Body products
• Detox products
• Better Sleep supplement
• Protein powders and superfood green powders
• Green cleaning products
• Soaps and shower gels
• Fractionated Coconut Oil
• Natural chewing gum
• Diffusers, Essential Oils,
limited time offers and anything else dōTERRA offers.

How much is this going to cost?
Less than wholesale price….
You get the products at wholesale price (25% off RRP) and 10% back in product points, which over a year grows to 30%. You can then spend your product points on more products – just like a Boots card but Boots only gives you 4% back and you pay full retail price! You also get your postage refunded in points and it is all VAT free for Guernsey.

Your only cost is the set-up fee of £20 plus postage. This fee is waived if you purchase an essential oil starter kit, but we will discuss that in your initial online consultation. There is a yearly charge of £15 for which you receive a free Peppermint Essential Oil worth over £15.

Book a free online/telehealth wellbeing box consultation @ CMCClick here.

To support you on your journey to Wellbeing we also offer free classes at the clinic on different topics which you can also book online.

Upcoming Classes:

9th September: Introduction to essential oils.
16th September: Toxin free living – how to replace chemicals in your household.
23rd September: Back to school – how to naturally support your child’s emotions, immunity, focus etc.
30th September: Understanding pain and managing it naturally.
14th October: Essential oils for sleep, stress and emotions.

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